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2016 Silver & Turquoise Ball Centerpiece Artist Contributors

Special Thanks to Mary Nelle Brown of Mary Nelle Photography for photographing each of the skateboards featured below, and contributing the images to the Phoenix Indian Center.  You can see more of Mary’s work at

J Badoni

Julius Badoni

L Begay4 L Begay3 L Begay2 L Begay

Leander Begay
Dead Pawn Skateboards 

LA Buford

Loren Ashley Buford

D Charette

Damian Charette
Tortuga Press & Studio 

A Craig

Velma Craig

S Encinas

Shamie Encinas

J Sencinas

Jamie Encinas

K Quannie

Kevin Horace
Waterbird Studio

A Honyumpewa

Ahkima Honyumptewa

R Huna Smith

Ryan Huna Smith

R Kemp2

Randy Kemp

R Kemp

Rykelle Kemp

E Lowley

Elisa Lowley

H Lowley

Haliegh Lowley

J Meders J Meders2

Jacob Meders

Douglas Miles
Apache Skateboards

K Nash

Kyle Nash

W Parkhurst

Wayne Parkhurst   

D Polelonmea

Delvan Polelonema

T Powless

Tyson Powless

Y Rambler

Sivan Rose Rambler

J Singer2

Jeremy Singer

J Singer

Jerrel Singer

J Slim J Slim2

Jeff Slim

R Sneed R Sneed2

Rance Sneed

H Stash

Herbert Stash

S Susunkewaa

Sheryl Susunkewa

A Thompson

Antoinette Thompson

D Walters

Daniel Walters

B Wilson

Bobby Wilson

E Yazzie E Yazzie 2

Eunique Yazzie

E Whitethorne

Elizabeth Whitethorne