Parenting in 2 Worlds: A Network for Native Families

Parenting in 2 Worlds: A Network for Native Families

Phoenix Indian Center is proud to announce an upcoming Parent Workshop called Parenting in 2 Worlds. It is designed for parents to learn new ways to communicate with their youth. The workshop is developed by American Indian parents and families to increase parenting skills through culture; to learn more about child and youth development; to increase communication skills with children and other adults, and; to prevent and reduce risky behavior.

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Parenting in 2 Worlds is an evidence based curriculum delivered in a 10-week workshop. Open to all: new parents, guardians, and grandparents of American Indian youth in the household. All participants that successfully complete the session will receive a certificate of completion. A light meal is provided along with childcare.

This session will begin March 27, 2018, to June 5, 2018, every Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Phoenix Indian Center located at 4520 N. Central Ave Ste. 250 in central Phoenix.

For more information and questions, contact Carlton at 602-810-1733.